Bill politicians like businesses-entrepreneur urges Radio stations

In a bold statement likely to spark controversy, Kumasi-based entrepreneur, Mr. Emmanuel Kwabena Adu of K.Adu Gas Ovens and Stoves has called on radio stations to bill politicians for airtime in the same way they bill businesses for advertising slots.

Mr. Adu, known for his innovative approach to business and marketing strategies, made the suggestion during an interview on a popular radio show, “Pure This Week” on Pure 95.7 FM in Kumasi. He argued that politicians often receive free airtime on radio programs for speeches, interviews, and political advertisements, while businesses are required to pay for the same exposure.

“Politicians benefit from extensive coverage on radio stations without having to pay for the airtime, while businesses are expected to pay hefty fees for advertising slots,” Adu stated. “This imbalance in the treatment of politicians and businesses is not fair and should be addressed.”

According to Adu, radio stations play a crucial role in shaping public opinion and influencing the masses. He believes that by charging politicians for airtime, radio stations can encourage more meaningful and accountable communication from political figures.

“By billing politicians for airtime, radio stations can promote transparency and accountability in political communication,” Adu explained.

“Politicians will have to be more strategic and concise in their messages if they are paying for the airtime, just like businesses do when they purchase advertising slots.”

Mr. Adu questioned, “If businesses have to pay for advertising, why should politicians get a free pass? It’s only fair that they are billed for the airtime they use.”

He said all Ghanaian radio morning shows invite various political party communicators from 5am to 11am, Monday to Saturday and provide them free airtime to market their political parties which sometimes degenerate into arguments and insults, causing dissaffection among the electorate.

“Fairness and equality should be the guiding principles when it comes to allocating resources such as airtime on radio stations,” Adu emphasized. “If businesses are expected to pay for advertising, politicians should also be prepared to invest in their communication efforts through radio broadcasts.”

In Ghana and many parts of the world political parties and politicians rely on free airtime to communicate their messages to the public, especially during election campaigns.

Despite the key role played by political parties and their communicators, Adu remains steadfast in his belief that radio stations should consider treating politicians and businesses equally in terms of billing for airtime.

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Evans Osei-Bonsu

Evans is a radio producer @PureFM (95.7MHz) under the Angel Broadcasting Network (ABN Ghana), writer, student of Law and Politics at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

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