Guy Gee writes: Hats off to Ken

By: Prince Adjei – Guy Gee

Today, on November 4, 2023, Hon. Ken Ohene Agyapong has exemplified the true spirit of democracy by contesting in the NPP flagbearer elections. While he may not have emerged as the victor, his journey deserves a resounding round of applause and a total hats off!. Ken’s dedication and passion for the NPP are truly commendable, and he has left an indelible mark on this election.

From the moment Ken declared his intention to contest, he showed a commitment that was both inspiring and unwavering. His campaign was marked by hard work, charisma, and a clear vision for the future of the NPP. Ken’s ability to connect with party members and voters alike has been a driving force behind his remarkable journey in these elections.

Though the ultimate prize went to Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, who emerged as the NPP flagbearer, it is crucial to acknowledge Ken’s contribution and the exemplary fight he put up throughout the campaign. Ken’s campaign, even in defeat, was a testament to his dedication to the party’s ideals and his desire to lead.

Looking at the votes Ken secured today, it is evident that he has a significant following within the NPP. This following is not just a sign of personal popularity, but an indication of the trust and support he has earned within the party. Ken has proven that he is a force to be reckoned with, and his presence will continue to be felt within the NPP as they prepare for the 2024 general elections.

In the world of politics, victories and defeats are part of the game. Despite not winning the flagbearer position, Ken has shown resilience and commitment that should be celebrated. He has earned the respect and admiration of many for his campaign efforts.

As we move forward, it’s essential to keep our eyes on the future. The NPP is fortunate to have leaders like Ken who are willing to put themselves forward and fight for their party’s ideals. Ken’s contributions will undoubtedly play a role in shaping the party’s future.

Ken Agyapong is indeed “the man.” His influence within the NPP and the broader political landscape of Ghana is undeniable. It is crucial to tip our hats to him for the exceptional effort he has put into this race and for his dedication to the NPP’s cause.

So, hats off to Ken for his extraordinary effort in the NPP flagbearer elections. While he may not have secured the flagbearer position this time, the future is promising for Ken Agyapong. His journey has left an indelible mark, and his impact on the NPP and the 2024 general elections will undoubtedly be felt.

The future will indeed be kind to a political force like Ken. Once again, hats off to him for his remarkable journey and the contributions he continues to make to Ghanaian politics.

Congratulations to Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia for securing the flagbearer position. The NPP is a party rich with talent and dedication, and it is this unity and strength that we must carry forward into the future. Well done, phenomenal Ken. Indeed, you gave a SHOWDOWN, SHOWDOWN, SHOWDOWN. Congratulations to flagbearer elect, Dr. Bawumia.

Evans Osei-Bonsu

Evans is a radio producer @PureFM (95.7MHz) under the Angel Broadcasting Network (ABN Ghana), writer, student of Law and Politics at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

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