Let’s play our part in making Ghana a better, safer place – COKA

A former Chairman of the New Patriotic Party(NPP) in the Afigya Kwabre South constituency of the Ashanti Region, Odeneho Kwaku Appiah, has urged Ghanaians to rise up and support the government in its efforts to restructure the economy and make the country a safe haven.

He made the clarion call when he spoke to Owuohene Addai Mununkum on Nyame Nipa Radio in Düsseldorf, Germany on September 25, 2022.

COKA stated that the government continues to prioritize the needs of the Ghanaian people, especially in the Ashanti Region.

He was responding to development concerns that have sparked public interest in the Ashanti Region and the Nation at large.

“You see, Rome wasn’t built in a day. And it takes the effort of not only the government but all of us inclusive to make things work. Yes, the government is playing its part but the rest lies with us to come together, little by little, contributing our quota….and the country will be exactly as we prayed for.

“Development doesn’t happen in a day. It takes a bit of time. That is why we(NPP) are asking for 4 more years to break the eight, to enable us to finish the good works.

He emphasized, however, that in order to ensure a full recovery, ‘we must have oneness of mind’.

He also touched on efforts by the government in the area of roads and highways, transports and interior, fast-tracking the implementation of Jobs and Skills Programme to enable private sector businesses to expand and employ more people.

“The government is doing most in terms of Infrastructure. The visibility of these developments mostly depends on where you are. You cannot see development in Tamale standing in Kumasi. It’s not possible. The public sector cannot employ everyone..therefore I urge graduates to use knowledge acquired in school to start businesses on their own. I’ve realised here in Germany that there are more Private owned businesses than the government, and that’s how it should be, he stressed.

The former Chairman added that the government ensured that the worst possible effect of the pandemic was averted.

Source: Purefmonline.com | 2022| Ghana

Nana Yaa Nyarko

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