Excessive Sensationalism is killing Journalism – Kofi Adoma

In the pursuit of uncovering the truth behind the customary marriage between a 12-year-old girl and a 63-year-old traditional priest, Nuumo Borketey Laweh Tsuru XXXIII in Accra, prominent journalist Kofi Adoma Nwanwani of Angel FM and Kofi TV has admonished the excessive sensationalism in today’s news reporting. 

Giving an account of the alleged customary marriage to Kwame Adinkrah on Pure FM in Kumasi, Kofi Adoma highlighted the dangers posed by sensationalism in today’s news coverage. He emphasized the importance of maintaining journalistic standards of accuracy, objectivity, and responsibility in reporting, urging all journalists to prioritise factual reporting over sensationalised narratives.

The veteran journalist’s call resonates with many, in and outside the industry, who have expressed concerns about the increasing prevalence of sensationalised reporting in today’s media landscape, especially on social media. His call to action serves as a timely reminder for media professionals to reflect on the impact of their work and strive for journalistic excellence.

There is widespread anger among Ghanaians, particularly social media users, following the report that a 12-year-old girl has been married to a 63-year-old traditional priest. Many are demanding the priest’s arrest for violating the constitutional rights of children.

Kofi, however, clarified that the initial inaccurate reporting, perhaps driven by sensationalism, misrepresented the facts of the case. His subsequent investigations revealed that the child in question was 16 years old, not 12. 

He acknowledged the need for investigations to determine the nature of the marriage, but he added that “by prioritising accuracy , fairness, and integrity in our reporting, we can regain public trust and uphold the vital role of the press in a democratic dispensation.”

As Ghana is heading to general elections in December, Kofi Adoma’s call against excessive sensationalism in media reportage serves as a wake-up call for the industry to realign with the core principles of journalistic integrity and professionalism. His words serve as a guiding light, illuminating the path towards a more ethical and transparent media environment.


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