Governance Watch, a leading civil society organization dedicated to promoting transparency and effective governance in Ghana, is calling for a renewed focus on substantive issues of national development beyond the realm of petty politics.

As Ghana continues to navigate complex socio-economic challenges, leaders and citizens alike must transcend partisan divisions to prioritize the common goal.

In recent years, Ghana’s political discourse has increasingly been dominated by partizan conflicts and trivial disputes that detract from the critical issues facing the nation. This trend undermines public trust in democratic institutions and hinders progress on key developmental goals.

Governance Watch therefore urges all political actors, civil society organizations, and citizens to engage in more constructive and issue-based dialogue. The focus should be on policies and initiatives that address:

Economic Growth and Job Creation: Implementing strategies to boost economic growth and reduce unemployment, particularly among the youth.

Education and Health: Ensuring access to quality education and healthcare for all Ghanaians, which are fundamental to national development.

Infrastructure Development: Investing in infrastructure projects that improve transportation, energy, and digital connectivity.

Good Governance and Anti-Corruption: Strengthening institutions to combat corruption and promote transparency and accountability in public office.

Environmental Sustainability: Addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainable practices to protect Ghana’s natural resources for future generations.

We again reaffirm our commitment to upholding democratic principles and fostering a political environment where policy debates are based on facts, evidence, and the collective interest of the Ghanaian people. We believe that a focus on governance beyond petty politics is essential for the country’s progress and stability.

We call on all stakeholders to actively participate in shaping the future of our nation. Civil society, the media, academia, and the private sector all have crucial roles to play in holding leaders accountable and ensuring that governance serves the needs of all Ghanaians.

In conclusion, the choice is clear as Ghana stands at a crossroads, is either we continue down the path of divisive politics or embrace a new era of collaborative and results-oriented governance. We are also committed to supporting this transformative journey and call on all Ghanaians to join in the effort to build a brighter, more prosperous future for our country.


Nana Akwasi Bonsu
(Executive Director)
Governance Watch

For Media Inquiries:

Mobile: 0244919090
Email: governancewatchgh@gmail.com

28th May, 2024.

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