Hon. Mathew Opoku Prempeh: Exemplifying Humility and Sobriety

By Kwame Adinkrah- Dubai, UAE– As the political landscape in Ghana evolves, one name has emerged as a shining example of humility and sobriety in the pursuit of national leadership. Honorable Mathew Opoku Prempeh, fondly known as “Napo,” has captured the attention of Ghanaians lately with his remarkable qualities and unwavering commitment to public service.

Dr. Prempeh’s humility and sobriety have become defining characteristics that resonate with citizens across the nation. 

Throughout his political career, Napo has consistently demonstrated a humble demeanor, even though he is firm and decisive in his decisions.

Despite holding prominent positions such as Minister of Energy and Member of Parliament for Manhyia South Constituency, he remains approachable and down-to-earth. Whether engaging with constituents or interacting with fellow politicians, Dr. Prempeh exudes an air of genuine warmth that instantly puts people at ease. 

Dr. Prempeh’s humility is further exemplified by his willingness to listen attentively to diverse perspectives. He values dialogue and seeks input from all stakeholders before making informed decisions.

His open-mindedness fosters an inclusive environment where ideas can be freely exchanged and consensus can be reached for the growth of the nation, especially in the areas of Energy and Education.

This collaborative approach is a testament to his commitment to servant leadership.
In addition to humility, Dr. Prempeh embodies sobriety in both words and actions. He refrains from engaging in divisive rhetoric or resorting to inflammatory language. Instead,

Napo maintains composure even during heated debates, preferring constructive dialogue over confrontation. This level-headedness allows him to effectively communicate his vision and the vision of the government while fostering unity among diverse groups within society.

Dr. Prempeh’s dedication to public service extends beyond imagination. As the forerunner of President Akufo-Addo’s flagship programme, “Free Senior High School”, his efforts to improve educational infrastructure and enhance access to quality education have positively impacted countless lives across Ghana. Napo’s commitment to uplifting communities through tangible actions further underscores his hard work and dedication to public service.

As his name has come up as a possible running mate to Vice President Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, Napo’s humility and sobriety serve as a refreshing departure from traditional political narratives. He represents a new generation of leaders who prioritize service over self-interest, emphasize unity over division, and prioritize progress over personal gain. Ghanaians are increasingly recognizing these qualities in Napo, and his popularity continues to grow.
Dr. Prempeh has consistently demonstrated an approachable demeanor and a willingness to listen rather than personal attacks. These qualities make him a beacon of hope for Ghanaian youth seeking leadership that prioritizes public service above all else. As Ghanaians are eagerly awaiting the nomination of the NPP’s running mate, Dr. Prempeh’s humility and sobriety stand as pillars upon which he builds his vision for a prosperous and united Ghana.

Evans Osei-Bonsu

Evans is a radio producer @PureFM (95.7MHz) under the Angel Broadcasting Network (ABN Ghana), writer, student of Law and Politics at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

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