Guy Gee writes: Dirty politics undermining the very essence of politics; Sefwi-Akontombra MP example

By: Prince Adjei – Guy Gee

The recent actions of the Member of Parliament for the Akontombra constituency in the Western North Region, Mr. Alex Djornubuah Tetteh, are a glaring example of how such tactics can undermine the very essence of politics.

Mr Tetteh’s campaign against Hon. Ken Ohene Agyapong and his associates reflects a dangerous trend that threatens the integrity of our political discourse.

Generally, Tetteh’s allegations against Ken Agyapong are not only divisive but also lack the substance required for a productive political debate.

In his quest to do his bidding of his favourite candidate, Mr. Tetteh has chosen to focus his campaign efforts on attacking the character of Hon. Ken Ohene Agyapong, and Mr. Pius, who serves as Hon. Agyapong’s campaign organizer in the Western North region.


The nature of these attacks is concerning, as they lack the substance and decorum that are essential for a constructive political discourse within an internal contest like this.

Among the accusations leveled by the Akontombra MP, he questions Agyapong’s associations with various government agencies and organizations, insinuating that Hon. Agyapong’s success is primarily due to his connections and the monetary resources at his disposal. Furthermore, Mr. Tetteh goes so far as to express his disbelief as to why Hon. Agyapong does not resign from his role at the Ghana Gas Company.

These accusations veer away from discussing pertinent policy issues and instead create a climate of sensationalism and conjecture.

Even more troubling, Mr. Tetteh extends his attacks to include serious allegations against Ken Agyapong’s wife. He claims that she was awarded meter contracts during the tenure of President Kufuor, and these contracts were allegedly renewed when the NPP came to power once again. Additionally, he criticizes the appointment of Hon Agyapong’s wife as the Board Chairman at the Ghana Shippers Authority, suggesting that it is a result of favoritism.

In a particularly noteworthy comment, the Akontombra MP references a conversation with his pastor, who questioned the wisdom of electing someone who allegedly insults women to lead the NPP party into 2024. It is time we do politics through a thoughtful and constructive discourse that revolves around specific actions and statements rather than resorting to personal animosity.


What is particularly concerning in this situation is the ungratefulness that underscores Mr. Tetteh’s campaign. The Akontombra MP’s dirty politics have underscored the notion that ungratefulness is taking a toll on the very essence of political engagement.

The stark reality is that had it not been for the instrumental support of Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, Mr. Tetteh might not have secured his parliamentary seat. Yet, today, we find him engaging in a campaign that tarnishes the image of the very person who aided his political. Life is unfair!


It is imperative that we recommit ourselves to the ideals of a healthy and robust political discourse. The corrosive effects of insult-centric campaigns cannot be overstated. They undermine the very essence of politics as a means to serve the people, engage in meaningful debates, and find solutions to the challenges we face.

Instead of the Akontombra MP tarnishing the image of a political opponent like Hon. Ken Agyapong, he should be focusing on the positive contributions and qualities that his preferred candidate brings to the table. A more constructive approach is to engage in debates that center on policy proposals, accomplishments, and the vision each candidate has for their constituency and the nation.

As a governing party, it is high time that we demand a higher standard from our politicians, focusing on the issues that affect us all and relegating personal attacks to the dustbin of history.

Only then can we truly progress towards a better, more united, and more productive political landscape capable of defeating John Mahama in three times trot. It won’t cost any member of the NPP a dime if he engages in clean campaigns before, during and after the November 4 primaries. The Elephant needs that. Ghana needs it.

Evans Osei-Bonsu

Evans is a radio producer @PureFM (95.7MHz) under the Angel Broadcasting Network (ABN Ghana), writer, student of Law and Politics at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

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